I think it is an absolute shame when great talent goes unheard. I am here to do my best to share those talents with the world the best I can, however, with that being said I do not want to have to sift through tons of spam mail to find the true talent. So please if you send a song, mixtape, or beat, send it once and let your work speak for itself.

Include the following information with your submission:

– Title: Artist Name (Location)
– Subject: Short bio, style of music, etc.

or hit me up on twitter, @ThePlayasPunch

One thought on “Contact

  1. Damien Lee says:

    Evening Sir , Hot new artist ” Young Siege ” is on the rise . He’s worked with , Creative Ryan who shot ” Stoner x Thug video , and is currently signed to Kcamp Slumlord .He also has worked with ” Lehday ” who is ” Phor ” prod from Black Ink Crew VH1. If you would to further push this next project LMK ASAP .


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