Casey Veggies – Live & Grow

In todays world of the fast paced internet, artists seem to come and go after a few singles or just one mixtape release. Casey has been around for sometime, and has paid his dues. I’ve never been a huge fan of his, but have to admit this album goes in. It played in his favor that he is from the West Coast and pretty much every thing coming out of there lately has been heat. Casey is also headed on tour with Dom Kennedy this fall, and since there isn’t a shot in hell I’d miss his show at Webster Hall, I had to give the album a play, and a purchase, got to support the culture!

You can tell right away from looking at the tracklist that this got the major label treatment, features from Ty Dolla $ign, BJ The Chicago Kid, Tyler The Creator, and uhhh Dej Loaf? If your like me you thought Dej Loaf was good for about 45 seconds, once they tried to make her out to be the next Nikki it was over for me. Luckily for us, she only sings the hook here and it actually works out well. “Tied Up” is one of my favorites from the album right now.

The album starts off with “I’m the King” a track that shows how much hard work Casey has actually put it. conversations between him and a friend begin the track, as Casey lets his friend know he is going to the studio, regardless how angry his parents will be for skipping practice. If there is one thing I’ve learned from Hip Hop it’s that parents just don’t understand.

This album gets 3.5 glasses out of 5 here at The Playa’s Punch, Go get the album on iTunes and always support the culture!

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