Fetty Wap – Fetty Wap

Let’s start off by setting aside whatever our feelings our about “Trap Queen”, yes we have all probably heard it way too many times. Yes, if we see one more guy wearing white sunglasses riding around blaring this song we may be sick. Regardless of all of that I am a little bias, being from the NJ/NYC area, I’m definitely rooting for Fetty. Even if you aren’t a fan of his music his story is good for hip hop, it’s good for music in general. The kid put “Trap Queen” on his SoundCloud page and within a few months the song had 80k plays and he was buying a new house. A little piece of all of us wants that instant fame, even if we aren’t willing to admit it.

Is the album an instant classic, no, but the songs are fun and adding a few will make your playlist thank you. Fetty doesn’t stray far from what made him famous, he keeps his sound on most of the songs which is disappointing. It would have been nice to see him stretch his range a little and try to do something new or that people may not immediately think is him. Right off the bat I was playing “I’m Straight” non-stop, “They said I’m complaining about some Jersey nigga I’ll skate, ayy From the Garden where you better watch for them snakes, ayy This money, know I get it, you know I’m straight.” Just fun lyrics about getting money and being from Jersey. “RGF Island” takes things a little darker but I am loving this song as well, this is the one you play in the car loud enough so passing cars hear it. “My niggas stack their money just to spend it, Cause when you die you cannot take it with you If you ain’t beefin’ ’bout the money, then what’s the problem?” I loved this line right here, unless somebody owes you money or stiffed you, why you got problems?

My hope is that Fetty gains more fans from this release and starts to do some new things, if I’ve learned one thing from hip hop over the years it’s that you need to branch out and try different things, some may work and some may not but you will gain new fans along the way. Unless you’re extremely good at what you do (i.e. Nas, eminem, Dj Premier) it’s hard to do the same thing over and over and keep being successful.

This album gets 2.5 out of 5 glasses here at The Playa’s Punch, fun records that will turn your party up and make you a little less square with your group of friends.

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