B.B. & The Underground Kingz – The Trill Is Gone

Stop whatever you are doing right now and download this project. This guy, Amerigo Gazaway, has been doing what he calls ‘Soul Mates’ project were he takes two types of music and blends them together. The results are pure magic, his last installment with Marvin Gaye and Mos Def was out of this world. It brought new life to old Mos Def verses and sounded as if it was made for the modern era. I have not listened to the full album yet, but B.B. King and UGK?! This shit seems like it was just supposed to happen and so far it’s nothing short of amazing.

Here is what Amerigo has to say about the project:

Under the Soul Mates Project banner of “collaborations that never were,” Amerigo Gazaway’s latest imagines a recording session between Blues great, BB King, and Texas rap legends, UGK. Aptly titled “BB & The Underground Kingz: The Trill is Gone,” the producer seamlessly bridges the gap between hip-hop and its predecessor, the blues.

Crafting the album’s bedrock from deconstructed samples of King’s electric blues hits, Gazaway re-imagined what might have happened had King and UGK actually recorded in the same time and space. Tapping UGK historian and documentary film maker, Sama’an Ashrawi, for unreleased interview audio, the producer cleverly uses the soundbites to help build his project’s narrative. Strategically looping and lacing Lucille’s guitar licks and B.B.’s road tales with Bun B & Pimp C’s southern fried storytelling, Gazaway finds a sweet spot in the overlapping themes of his subjects’ respective catalogs.

Download and stream the project below:

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