Kirk Knight – ‘Late Knight Special’ (Album Stream)

Pro Era and Joey Bada$$ continue their run, with the producer behind a lot of Joeys slick 90’s beats up next.

Kirk Knight has officially arrived with this project, the sound is consistent with Pro Era, but Knight has a style all his own. He sounds like a young Cormega trying to hustle his way out of Queensbridge, only difference is Kirk reps Brooklyn or “Brokeland.”

If you are a fan of 90’s hip hop and one of those people who always say “The 90’s was the best! I don’t listen to anything but 90’s rap.” Than do your overly nostalgic ass a favor and check out Kirk Knight.

Stream it on SoundCloud below but make sure to cop this project on iTunes, it’s artists and albums like this that need a little commercial success to keep going, so SUPPORT THE CULTURE!!

And check back to The Playa’s Punch later for a quality review of the album!

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