Cozz – “I Need That” featuring Bas (Video)

After touring for the whole summer Cozz brings us visuals from the road as they chill with fans, hit Bourbon Street, and smoke out the back of an 18 wheeler.

All three of them did they’re thing on tour, it was one of the better shows I caught all summer. Not to mention they are stand up dudes, I got to meet J. Cole and Cozz at Cole’s Bally event over the summer for his boot and backpack collaboration. Both were among the people, having drinks, and having fun, especially Cozz considering most the white people in the room didn’t know who he was, oh well, their loss.

Both Cozz and Bas had great projects, I mean why wouldn’t they while being signed to Dreamville. Hopefully we get some new music from both of them real soon.

Hit play below:

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