Throwback Thursday: Ja Rule, The Come Back Kid

Throwback Thursday, it’s one of the few internet trends that doesn’t suck and has lasted more than a week or two. Every Thursday your Instgram and Facebook feeds are plastered with terrible pictures of people in their prepubescent states that you would much rather have never seen.

Here at The Playa’s Punch we are going to take each Thursday to revisit a classic song, album or topic from Hip Hop, to help preserve what was and influence what will be. Hopefully we will educate some people along the way of some great Hip Hop that they may have missed.

This week we are going to focus on Ja Rule and how in 2015, it seems the tides between him and 50 Cent have begun to shift.

50 has filed for bankruptcy for his headphone line, which he obviously tried to copy from Dr. Dre, he is constantly pushing his vodka brand, Effen, that nobody seems to be drinking. Meanwhile Puffy and Ciroc are everywhere and just this past week he was called “gay” by his former girlfriend Vivica A. Fox. All of this keeps him in the news and relevant but he is rarely mentioned anymore for his music.

Back when G-unit was having it’s way with Ja Rule, I would have never believed the guy would be able to recover, song after song questioned his man hood, and threatened to beat him up. But here we are in 2015 and I must say it looks like Ja may be having a better year than 50.

Complex has a great piece out right now about “Put It On Me,” the impact the song had on radio and how Irv Gotti had to fight the powers that be to get that album put out in the first place.

He also did a recent interview with HipHopDX where he talks about his new show, ‘Follow The Rules,’ being a new age parent, and taking the high road when it comes to 50 cent.

Although the show is your typical VH1 “reality show,” which looks set up in every scene, it’s good to see Ja out doing different things and still being relevant. His influence, as well as Murder Incs. left far too great an impact to just ignore them all together. Irv Gotti made it okay to rap about loving your girl rather than cheating on her at every tour stop.

Any track from ‘Rule 3:36’ would be a good joint for our first throwback, but we decided to take it all the way back to his first album, when the hunger for fame was still rumbling in his belly.

The Hype Williams directed track, “Daddy’s Little Baby,” is our first official Throw Back Thursday Joint.

Keep checking back here every Thursday for a journey to hip hops past, and hit play below:

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