Throwback Thursday: When Weezy was still F Baby 

Damn, remember when Lil Wayne basically was hip hop? He was every where, and it was never enough for the fans, classic albums and constant mixtapes. There was a stretch between 2002-2009 that Lil Wayne was arguably the most dominant force in hip hop, not only with his own music but with putting on artist such as Drake and Nicki Minaj. Both owe a great deal of their success to him, would we have ever really accepted Drake if Lil Wayne hadn’t first? Would Nicki be as big a star as she is with out the co-sign of Birdman and crew?

These are questions we can argue about till we are all blue in the face, but the answers won’t ever bring back the Wayne we used to love, the Weezy F Baby that basically introduced us to mixtapes. The only thing we can do is pray that ‘Tha Carter V’ not only sees the light of day, considering the present situation at Cash Money, but that he uses it to show fans and the industry he still has what it takes to make a classic album.

This weeks Throwback Thursday is one of those Wayne tracks that made you feel like you were posted up right next to him on the corner. “Where You At” off of ‘500 Degrees’ is a classic example of how Weezy can effortlessly flow over Mannie Fresh production, but also how he made the south mainstream again.

Hit play below and keep your fingers crossed for ‘Tha Carter V’

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