Top 10 Tracks of The Month (November)

10.) Freddie Gibbs – “Fuckin’ Up the Count” 

Freddie Gibbs refused to do it anyone else’s way but his own, and it is paying off tremendously. The “Fuckin’ Up The Count” video saw Gibbs in his classic state of handling street business, just make sure your count is on point and purchase ‘Shadow of a Doubt’ if you haven’t already.


9.) Jadakiss – “Baby” featuring Dyce Payne

‘Top 5 Dead Or Alive’ is blazing through the streets of NYC right now, no one in hip hop can match Jada’s ad-libs, his “Ugh Haaaa” is unquestionably the most recognizable one in the game. Peep the video and cop ‘T5DOA’ now!


8.) Kevin Gates – “2 Phones”

I’ll let you guess why he needs two phones, if you’re familiar with Gate’s music you will definitely know why. Pre-order ‘Isaiah’ on iTunes now, before it drops January 29th.


7.) G Herbo – “Lord Knows” featuring Joey Bada$$

G Herbo aka Lil Herb and Joey Bad A$$ are now signed to the same label, Cinematic Music Group, so this collaboration was bound to happen sooner or later. Herbo joins the likes of Joey, Kirk Knight and Mick Jenkins. All who have dished out quality music in these past few months, so hopefully G Herbo isn’t far behind.

Check out ‘Ballin’ Like I’m Kobe’ if you haven’t done so already.


6.) Tim Vocals – “Warrior” featuring Nino Man & Smoke DZA

This is the second single off of RNB, (Real Ni**a Bars) which is out now! Go and cop that on iTunes now.


5.) Cousin Stizz – “Dum Dope” 

Although this song did not come out in November it was too hot to ignore this month. Check out the next up from Boston, MA; Cousin Stizz


4.) Rich Homie Quan – “Yeahhh” 

One of the stand out cuts from ‘ABTA’ (Album Before The Album).

Check out the rest of the mixtape here.

3.) Chris Brown – “Hell Of A Night” featuring French Montana and Fetty Wap

Chris Brown dropped off a 34 track project that will take you awhile to digest, luckily for you we have already done so. “Hell Of A Night” is one of the quick standouts for its bounce and all around verses from all three of these hip hop heavy weights.

Check out the rest of ‘Before The Party’now on The Playa’s Punch. 


2.) Earl Swavey – “Bottles” featuring Nebula Swavey

‘Business Before Pleasure 2’ is set to drop any time now, meanwhile ES wit the BS drops off “Bottles” to hold us over.

The bass is banging on this one and both Earl and Nebula do their thing. Earl is holding it down for the L.A. area, as can be seen in his latest video’s, “What Would You Do” and “One Day”. Keep checking back here to see when ‘BBP2’ drops.


1.) Future – “Last Breath”

Easily the best track of the month from perhaps the best rapper of the year. Future set off the Creed franchise with a brand new theme song for the movie, this made the movie that much cooler, and gave it just the extra push it needed at the box office. Be on the look out for ‘Monster 2’, which Future has hinted at on Instgram in recent weeks.

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