Andrew Meoray – “Jordan Year” (Single)

Rather than listing all the things this kid can do, it’d be easier to just list the things he can’t. We have posted a few singles that he has produced, and even sang the hook on. This time he is coming to The Playa’s Punch all on his own.

Andrew Meoray is a 22-year-old self-taught musician from Philadelphia that has completely changed the game, and crafted his very own musical lane. This young musician is blessed with the ability to play more than six different instruments including the guitar, piano, cello, bass, drums, and the mandolin. As an innovative up and coming artist he has involved himself with a plethora of sounds from hip hop, indie-pop, electro, ambient, and punk. Andrew Meoray is a true artist breaking barriers with his many talents; Meoray is also a producer who can create the perfect sound for any artist of any type. He is passionate about his music, and works on multiple projects at a time; he has produced tracks for artists such as Kevin Gates, Huey Mack, Officially Zero, Tory Lanez, Quilly, PNB Meen, and many more! Meoray has proven to have keen ears for great music, and continues to amaze individuals while still maintaining his own style. Meoray’s overall musical skills have, and will continue to mature, while enlightening listeners with great new sounds, smooth flows, and meaningful messages.

Hit play below and let us know what you think. If you aren’t feeling yourself after this one, then check your pulse.

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