Moses Mosima – ‘Babies’ (EP)

Moses Mosima is finally here with his debut EP ‘Babies.’ We featured the first two singles, “Dancing ON the Walls” and “Majiin Boo,” earlier in the year and couldn’t stop playing either one.

Just in time for the weekend, this EP is filled with great hip hop/R&B. “Majiin Boo” is an automatic favorite, being the second single from the project. While “Window” is a slowed down jam, with heavy snare that lets your ears ring till next Tuesday.

Moses’s describes the project “As an audio exploration of vulnerability and overtness–a testament to the 18 years spent staining the blank-slate to make this project. Overall the project stands as a final farewell to childhood.”

Don’t make a mistake and miss this one, hit play below and thank us later.

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