Bryson Tiller – T R A P S O U L (Album Review)

Louisville, Kentucky… I can’t think of anyone from this area in my iTunes, than comes along Bryson Tiller, and damn is this album worth a listen. The album is called Trapsoul because Tiller has labeled his style as such, a smooth sing-song style that flows over beats infused by the south and a hint of lean. No guest appearances, no skits, and no non-sense, the album comes in at 45 minutes, but you don’t feel slighted at all. Every track has it’s highlights but “Been That Way” had my ear from the beginning. Tiller sings “What can I say, every time I get near you I want that old thing back, now bring it to me” A feeling that we can all relate to, I know I usually only want things I can’t have (sorry ladies). 

“Ten Nine Fourteen” was the next track that had me going, this is the one where Tiller let’s you know he has some bars and rides over the beat like an early Kanye.

So, ever since October

Living out my dreams and got a lot closer

Had to do it for my daughter before she got older

Had to wake the sleepers up, bitch I got Folgers

This is how he opens the song, just to let you know that the boy means business and you better strap up. Listen to the rest below…

“Overtime”, “Exchange”, and “502 Come Up” are all fire and have been constantly playing since I bought the album last week, absolutely worth the money, promise.

Part of me is jealous of Bryson, he is only 22 years old and already getting co-signs from Timbo and Drake, all from dropping “Don’t” on his SoundCloud page. Starting to see a theme here with making it big and dropping hot shit on your SoundCloud? That’s Fetty and Tiller now if you’re keeping track.

This was a solid album for me all around and will be played for sometime to come. T R A P S O U L gets an easy 4 out of 5 glasses here at The Playa’s Punch.

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