Shawn Harris – “Dear Damisha”

Every once and awhile you hear a song and you just know the artist will blow up in a matter up time. This is one of those times, Shawn Harris hails from Minneapolis and has been rapping for a little while. He went by the name of Nikko Lafre before changing it to Shawn Harris, I approve the change.

Harris is using the growing popular style of rapping and singing but doesn’t sound like Drake once on the record at all. He defnitely has a little Bryson Tiller vibe, but nothing is wrong with that considering Tiller is selling out shows hand over fist right now.

“Dear Damisha”,  is the 3rd leak from his Debut EP “Days With Damisha”. The production is done by Seventh Soldano, Johnny Rain & Shawn Harris.

Check out the song below and be on the look out for the EP.

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