The Misunderstanding of Kendrick Lamar & Microwave Journalism (Editorial)

This piece hits home a little, as I read it, I couldn’t help but think of myself. Essentially he may be talking to me, someone who started this website to just rub shoulders with celebrities? Or turn out album reviews overnight?

I like to think that I started this website with a little more in mind than just that. I want to bring you quality album reviews, that will help you determine if the album is truly for you or not.

The last thing I want to do is water down the culture of hip hop because things are posted to quickly or written like a third grader. I take pride in the things I write and the music that I bring to you. Hopefully this formula will help me be successful in this venture.

Be patient, quality takes times.

Read the piece on 2dopeboyz, written by Andreas Hale.

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