Christy Artiste – “Snob” (Single)

Christy Artiste is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin native. She is a multifaceted artist, hence the name “Artiste” as she raps, sings, dances, designs, and she also creatively directs her material. Artiste provides her fans with a mixture of upbeat and laid back vibes with her songs. Artiste began her artistic endeavors at the young age of 4, attending Elm Creative Arts in Milwaukee. She has a unique, yet nostalgic 90’s aesthetic of style. Her retro style is evident in her most recent single titled “Snob.” Her single released September 2015 called “Grape Juice”, along with “Snob”, is apart of her new upcoming EP titled M.T.T.M (Menace to the Man). Her witty wordplay and lyrical creativity makes way for a fresh new addition to the music industry, and a staple for the new generation of music.

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